Thursday, February 5, 2015


dat moment when..

4.35pm. post-class. 25 min lagi nak balik. ofc.

been a while. seriously speaking - s'times i feel like nbdy cares - those thgs i've written and such - s'times i cldnt care at all. but havin dis - once in a blue moon - is surely put dat kinda wide smile on ur face, frankly. i was in the mid of my class - during a short break - realized a Tweet and automatically aku senyum sorang2. hahaha

tqvm. tho aku tau my previous entry is completely meaningless.

done wit the 2hrs class. sepatotnya 2 to 5pm, tp since aku managed to get it done a lil bit earlier - i jst shooo-ed em all back. so aku felt a bit happy - and i am sure they r, as well. after all tekak aku dah sakit giler. ko bygkan for a big hall like wat we r having - lecturer kena guna wired-mic yg aku sgt benci in using it. its like ko kena berdiri atas stage holding the mic, pura2 pretending like ko diva and bg talk. and the stdnts - esp yg kat belakang sekali, wandering around the world, sleeping. i was a student before, i knw how it is.

so - as usual, i'd go to the ground and deliver the material. mic-less. usually suara aku mmg bley cover the whole hall. time sihat la - ni aku demam. suara serak2 basah.. and u knw how it is. tp still - i tried my best. and i am glad stdnts r paying attention.

at the end of the day - no matter how draggin ur day wld be - after all dis - seein ur stdnts' faces, questions they posted to u, reaction they gav u - ko rasa sgt puas hati, seriously. perhaps aku love wat i am doin. sharing knwledge yg tak seberapa, sharing experience yg tak sedlm mana - in helping to shape ur new, young generation - is my passion. daat is kinda feelin yg beyond explanation. dari demam ko rasa kebah. tetiber. gtew.

and tekak aku ni dah perit giler. batuk mcm nak terkeluar bijik dr mulut je. hahaha.. perhaps aku need not to run today. perhaps aku shld je head home and hav a proper rest - jst like yesterday.

and hidung aku yg berhingus ni.. Ya Rabbana..

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