Saturday, February 7, 2015


well i'll hav to admit dat i am not the best person to connect when wit when i am in deep shyte. or to make it to understand - when i am in a stressful mood. i become grumpy, irritated and easily angry. u'll regret communicating wit me. and my words can be sharp like knife. i am well aware of my reaction towards stress, its jst out of my control at times. well - i am jst a flesh and blood. jst like u.

so raise ur hand if u can relate,

but if u raised ur hand then u knw wat its like to be a human. if u din - then kudos to u. seriously. i mean - like seriously serious. cld we exchange number, pls? i wanna learn.

frankly - i've seen my stress-level decrease over time and i've become increasingly less stressful on a daily basis - alhamdulillah - which has been rather euphoric if i may say. but i've my moments. tho its in these moments i try to recognize wat i'm bein all stressed out about - i try to determine wat tots dat go thru my head dat r harmfully stressful to both my physical and mental health. 

sounds serious enuff? well, i was jst about to begin. hahahaha.. so here is a list of 6 stressful tots dat r determined as stressful to me (not sure about u) and how i deal wit em all..

  1. fcuk. i am gonna be late again! - havent we all been in dis situation? ur otw to work and for some reason ur late again and u knw ur boss is goin to maki ko as soon as u walk thru the door. how to deal wit it? siap2 on the nite before. everythg. and keluar awal. ko tak pyh nak berperang kat jalan raya wit all the super-moms yg drive mcm haram anta anak masing2 pi skol. serious sakit jiwa. but if unexpcted turn of events cause u to be late - dun stress. recognize the fact dat wat happened was out of ur control (if dats the case-lah!) and calmly explain dis t ur boss. and urself.
  2. knp la aku tak buat mcm tu.. - u always regret not doin sthg differently. i knw i do. like all the time. hell, i cld pile up a list of 50 thgs i wish i wldve done differently but a comforting tot dat i tend to bring forth is dat the past is past - and its gone. so if u r ever feelin stressed out or anxious about a mistake or choice u make - dat i wish u cld hav been done in a whole different way - comfort urself dat its in the past. the choice has alrdy been made and all u can do is live the moment and keepin movin ahead.
  3. i hate it when the house is a mess! - rumah ko bersepah. literally it is, now. agak2 - aku stress ke tak?   so how can i solve dis? simple. kemas je lah! jst clean it up. at least until u feel dat ur mind has calmed down abt ur materialistic view of ur crib. ko tak la nak tunggu bidadari turun dr langit nak tolong ko kemas. mmg tak la kot kan?
  4. where r my car keys/wallet/watch/hand-phone? - how many times hav u forgot at least one of these items when goin out? i've lost count. i mean - those days. u cant find ur keys and start to stress about the fact dat u may hav dropped em somewhere, sapa tau? in these desperate times - take a deep breath and try to trace em back ur movements, think of wat ur doin when u last had the lost item and work ur way in sequences. nampak mudah kan? tp hell sebenarnya. tp serious - worth tryin. to prevent all dis , create a system (at least dats wat i called it). for example, every time i come home - i hand my keys in my usual key-box and my wallet on top of it. a simple to a devastating problem, i am sure.
  5. i knew i shld hav bought dat one instead - well, dis one is closely related to #2 since it has to do wit a choice u wish u cld change. if u bought s'thg not for u, try to return it or sell it, and buy the thg u want instead! abes cerita.
  6. it doesnt matter, i am no good.. - now i knw i am tip-toein around on anxiety-related-grass right now but its stilla very stressful tot dat occurs more often than not. dis tot is falsely implicated one simulated by ur notoriously mysterious mind - so dun pay it any mind. comfort urself wit +ve tots like how beautiful ur (kalo ko cantik lah!) or how much ppl actually enjoy ur company. i hav myself been in dis zone of near self-loathing and its not a pretty one! trust me.

at least they worked for me. u mght wanna try it out as well.

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