Tuesday, February 17, 2015

love. life.

2.40pm, the ofc. to Bukan Diriku - Samsons.

i was surprised receiving msges from my old fren (he's all the way in Japan now) - i knew him for ages now, since 1998 if i am not mistaken. managed to met him like twice - we shared stories and such. i always look up for him for some inspiration - i adore him on how he deal wit thgs, and how strong he is. he's been running all over places - thru out the world now - and s'times it hits me jst like dat, and i've been wondering; wat actually he's been 'running' from actually? i never ask such to him. got no right, seriously.. i dun wanna be judgmental. and i dun wanna be rude.

until today - he finally spilled out the beans - he was literally running from thgs in life, and running is a way to vent out his frustration et al. he dealt wit his feelin dat way. much respect, still. i wldnt knw if i wld be able to dat, if i am in his shoe, God sake. and being able to 'witnessed' his fragile side of self, i started to think about thgs. i gez dats life is. dat is the way life is. it din change a thang, i still respect him. 

perhaps, it is true - when ppl say 'love is the force dat moves u'. in wat direction, how and why - dats the question. perhaps, dats the question u shld be askin ur own self.

u wld agree wit me if i say everythg u wanna be, do, or hav come from love. w/o love, u wldnt move. there wld be no positive force to propel u to get up in the morn., to work, play, dance, talk, learn, run around, put some smile on ur face, or do anythg at all. u'd be like a stone statue. dull. and boring. the positive force of love can create anythg good - increase the good thgs, and change everythg negative in ur life. nobdy knws ur 'suffering' inside. ppl see ur traveling the globe, run around and win some victories. ppl adore for dat. nbdy knws wats goin on wit u, inside. but it do good for u too, in a way - i believe. and dat is the power - love - inside of u.

but if u hav the power over ur life, and dat power is inside u - y isnt ur life amazing? y isnt every area of ur life magnificient? y dun u hav everythg u want? or anyone u wanted to hav, in life? y havent u been able to do everythg u wanna do? y arent u filled wit joy every day?

i think - its b'coz u hav a choice. u hav a choice whether to love and harness the positive force - or not. u realize it or not - every day of life - every moment of ur life - u hav been making dis choice. w/o expectation - every single time u experienced s'thg good in life, u loved and harnessed love's positive force. 

love is the cause of all the good thgs in life, and lack of love is the cause of all the negative thgs and all the pain and suffering.

so my fren - be bold. be confident. and be strong. life is not as bad as we mght think. no matter how bad thgs mght turned - theres always the good side of it. its up to u, if u want to explore it, or not. love life. love urself even more. nbdy wld do dat - but u. love life - for life is a journey. u gotta let go s'times - all the unnecessary along the way - so dat u cld move one even lighter and getting more good thgs in life.  

i hav faith in u. u'll be jst fine. dis is jst another phase in life - u've been thru dat. and u knw it alrite.


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