Friday, February 13, 2015

life. love.

life is simple. ur life is made up of only 2 kinda thgs - +ve and -ve thgs. each area of ur life - be it ur health, money, r'ships, work or happiness - is either +ve or -ve. u hav plenty of money or ur lack of it. ur brimming wit health or u lack of health. ur work is exciting and successful or dissatisfying and unsuccessful. 

ur filled wit happiness or u dun feel good a lot of the time. u hav good yrs or bad yrs, good time or bad time; good days or bad ones.

if u hav more -ve thgs than the +ve ones in life - then s'thg is very wrong and u knw it. u see other ppl who r happy and fulfilled and whose lives r full of great thgs, and s'thg tells u dat u deserve all dat too. and ur right - u do deserve a life overflowing wit good thgs.

most ppl who hav a great life dun realize exactly wat it was dat they did to get it. but they did do s'thg. they used the power dat is the cause of everythg good in life..

w/o exception, every person who has a great life used love to achieve it. the power to hav all the +ve and good thgs in life - is love.

love has been talked about and written about since forever. in every religion, and by every great thinker, philosopher, and leader. but many of us hav not truly understood the word itself. it becomes cheap and meaningless.

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