Friday, February 6, 2015

life is..

11.10am, ofc.

u hav been lied for a very long time. and u've been told dat life is filled wit problems, pain, disappointment and despair. u said u've experienced these thgs. and u made other believed the lie. u hav been conditioned over time to believe dat u mush fight for survival. dat u must get urs while u can. dat u cant really hope to do anythg more than jst get by. 

u've been told about all the injustice in the world, and how unfair life wld be.

all dat is true on one level. at dat is true but it is not.

the higher truth is dat life is beautiful. not jst beautiful, but life is beauty. beauty life is. all the wars, the hatred and crimes and in justices get so muc attention. but the overwhelming mass of life is not dat way at all. the overwhelming substance of life - is beautiful. think of ur own life. there r all sorts of problems, to be sure. ur car breaks down. u dun hav money to make the house payment. someone u love is stricken wit a serious illness. or ur relationship is full of shytes u hate it to the max. ppl who r close to u r taken from u in death. wat else?

and yet.. and yet, all those thgs occupy jst a small fraction of ur life. the vast majority of ur experiences r beautiful. think if all the thgs dat happen each moment, in each fraction of a sec., to keep u a live. think of wat a miracle it is dat ur able to be aware of ur own existence. 

dats a rare thg. and u hav it all the time.

life is beautiful. and  u knw it. on some level, on many levels - u knw it. on many level u've experienced it for urself. u've seen the beauty many times before. and every time u stop to take a look, every time u look closely, its still very much there.

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