Wednesday, February 25, 2015


from the moment we r born, u r always feeling s'thg, and so is every other person. u can stop ur conscious tots when ur sleeping - but u can never stop feeling, bcoz to be alive - is to feel life. how? i need not to answer such. u knw better. u r a feeling 'being' to the core of u, and its no accident dat every part of ur human body is created by Allah so u can feel life.

u hav all the senses - the sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch - so dat u can feel everythg in life for sure. they r 'feeling' senses - bcoz they enable u to feel wat u see, feel wat u hear, feel wat u taste, feel wat u smeel and touch em. ur entire body is covered by a fine life of skin - which is a feeling organ (or senses), so u can literally feel everythg.

how u feel in any given moment is more important than anythg else. bcoz how u feel right now is creating u life. 

for sure.

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