Sunday, February 15, 2015


outside the station, she stands wit her child on the side of the street, taking pics of cars. and u think she's insane. until, one day - u notice dat she's taking pics of the license plates of the cars her child gets into. and she did dat for a reason. 

bcoz u look, but u do not see.

she walks out of the fast-food outlet wit bags full of cat food. u think she smell like shyte and u think she's some crazy cat lady until one day, u find out she has no cats.

bcoz u eat, but u do not taste.

its been a while since u last saw him but he assures u, he's doin jst fine these days - white flecks in his nostrils. then he asks u if he can spend some time sitting in front of ur gate by the rubbish bin, away from the tiring sun. even tho it stinks.

bcoz u sniff, but u do not smell.

and they say 'ok' when u ask em how school was. then u wonder wat they're hiding until u find their diary and the last entry reads, 'i wish u'd giv me some privacy'.

bcoz u listen, but u do not hear.

and they've got a bruise over the eye and u run the tips of ur fingers over it and ask em how it happened. u believe em. until it happens again.

bcoz u touch but u do not feel.

and they walk past u everyday. one million stories. each waiting to be told. waiting for u to ask. all u care is ur own shyte. ur own tot. and ur own feeling. 

bcoz u live. but vey few, love.

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