Wednesday, January 7, 2015

so r u.

on dis day, u read s'thg dat moved u and made u realize there were no more fears to fear. no tears left to cry. no head to hang in shame. dat every time u tot u'd offended s'one, it was all jst in ur head and really, they love y wit all their hears and nthg will ever change dat. dat everyone and everythg lives on, inside u. that dat doesnt make any of it any less real.

dat soft touches will change u and stay wit u longer than hard ones.

dat being alone means ur free. dat old lovers miss u and new lovers want u and the one ur wit is the one ur meant to be wit. dat the tingles runnin down ur arms r angel feathers and they whisper in ur ear constantly - if u choose to hear em. dat everythg u want to happen, will happen - if u decide u want it enuff. dat every time u thing a sad tot, u can think of a happy one, instead.

dat u control dat completely.

dat the ppl who make u laugh r more beautiful than beautiful ppl. dat u laugh more than u cry. dat cryin is good for u. dat the ppl u hate wish u wld stop and u do, too.

dat ur frens r reflecions of the best parts of u. dat u r more than the sum total of the thgs u knw and how u react to em all. dat dancing is s'times more important than jst listening to the beat.

dat the most embarrassing, awkward moment of ur life r only remembered by u and no one else. dat no one judges u when u walk into a room and all they really wanna knw, is if ur judging em as well. dat wat u make and wat u do wit ur time is more important than u'll ever fathom and shld be treated as such. dat the difference between a job and a passion. dat neither defines who u r. dat talking to strangers is how u make frens.

dat bad days end but a smile can go around the world. dat life contradicts itself, constantly. dat dats y its worth living.

dat the difference between pain and love is time. dat love is only as real as u want it to be. dat if u feel good, u look good but it doesnt always work the other way around.

dat the sun will rise each day and its up to u each day if u match it well. dat nthg matters up until dis point. dat wat u decide now, in dis moment - will change the future. forever. 

dat the rain is beautiful.

and so r u.


take care. cu arnd.

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