Friday, January 23, 2015

Putrajaya, done.

last day in here. mentally exhausted. i jst wanna be home. and live life as it is. and i wanna head home to mum's during dis weekend. wit the minimons et al. since Monday pg i am leaving for INTURA Sg Petani for the whole 3 days in a row - for another kursus.

but dis time around - aku as one of the urusetia, for my department internal course.

INTURA. been a while since aku were there. aku remember it was like 8 yrs back since aku last been there. nthg much. mcm INTENGAH jugak - old building and such. jst dat it is in Sg Petani - dat'd be smthg else.

presentation jap lagik. aku tak terlibat pun. malas. i jst did my part and provided the committee wit all the materials as requested. Puan Mabel will do the work - a super senior, 1 bulan lagi nak pencen.


slept at 11pm semlm. or maybe a bit earlier. aku tak sedar pun. by midnite aku bgun since contact lens aku kering - so aku woke up, tukar baju, mandi, took off my lenses, solat and jumped under the duvet. it was cold. and alone. blergkh.

cant wait to get home. dats the only thang i am thinkin now.

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