Friday, January 2, 2015





duncha love it? kalo ko tak, its ok - coz i do. i've been eyeing Suunto smart/sport watch for a long time.. until dis come to the eyes. Garmin VivoSmart. its a fitness trackers/gadget plus a smartwatch - all in one. a pedometer, calorie-burnt tracker, distance traveled, sleep cycle wit screen showing thgs like emails, texts, Tweets, FB notifications, coming calls, missed calls.. argkh.

ofkoz - it doesnt has the GPS, compass et al mcm Suunto, but then again - for me it it way enuff. plus add in chest strap for a heart-beat when ur doin ur runnin or exercising. argkh.

but i yet to decide. doin the survey - too many pro and cons, makin me nak tak nak beli mcm tu. but seriously, i think i like dis.

watdya think?

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