Sunday, January 18, 2015

journey, no.


so u need a ride?


by the time most of us r adults - we start to live a good part of our life s'where outside the present. even when we r not physically doin anythg, we tend to spend a lot of time exercising our mind thinkin about wat has alrdy happened or wat mght happen or wat we want to hav happen, rather about wat has alrdy happened , pr wat mght happen or wat we want to hav happen - rather than enjoyin wats happenin at the current moment.

i hav a fren i've knwn for so many yrs who seems to spend his entire life racing from one activity or emotion to the next w/o ever bein fully present. he's always runnin late, talking a mile a minute on several different topics or havin an emotional meltdown. s'times when i am wit him - i feel as if i am in one of those zany dreams where u keep jumpin from one unrelated scene to another - wit no beginning and no end -- jst continuous but different streams of consciousness. 

i always wish i cld scream to him to jst stop, and listen for a while. and while he mght hear my words and clutter in his mind - he's alrdy deleted em all and moved on to some other tot. when u live ur life in dis manner - it mght feel exhilarating at first - but u cant possibly focus on anythg at all, or anyone right in front of u. u life journey becomes one big freakin blur of images wit no bloody meaning.

life is most enjoyable and meaningful when ur present at every moment. livin in the past of future (much), as we often do - only serves to drain our spirit. the past -- whether successful of full of failures, is done and over wit. and u cant change it. so wtf. worrying about the future is also a burden. not dat i am sayin u dun think about it at all - its jst dat no matter how much u plan, life is uncertain and the future is unknown. God, dats for sure. it makes no sense to spend ur time worryin about s'thg u truly cant control.

 i gez, instead of livin in the land of "i cldve, shldve, wldve" or "wat if.." -- try livin in the land if "i am", bcoz now is the only moment u can affect and enjoy. u shld take some time to notice every detail in the backdrop of ur daily life, the every tiny, petty details of it -- the colors, the smells, the ppls. savor every moment. 

like rainbows - no two are the same. and can never be recreated.

hav a good Sunday, y'allz.

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