Monday, January 5, 2015


listen. dat one time when we were down the hall, and u were sad and cryin bcoz of ur other half - i really tot we shldve talked about it more. i cld see sthg was bugging u, and u wanted to scream shyte out to the world - but u cldnt. jst bcoz it hurt so much to get it hell out thru ur throat.

sure, u gav me half the story about y u were sad - but i cld see dat wasnt all there was to it. i think u tot i din really 'get' u, dat day.

and i jst wan u to knw dat i did. darn i knew it anyway. i jst acted the way i did bcoz i was hurting too. and i am really sorry - seriously - for letting u think i din knw for so long.

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