Tuesday, January 20, 2015


received a call by Mr V by the time aku about to crash. he told  me rgrding the trip to Putrajaya - it looks like aku tak bley elak. seriously i din receive any letter or email regarding it, and i was thinkin my name was like out of the list. but unfortunately, it is not. aku among the 6 ppl need to be the for the final 'touch-up' for the module.

and seriously aku mls nak fikir. aku tak decide apa2 pun. next week whole stretch aku will be in Sg Petani, and i had tonnes to get done before leave. and now dis.



as i said before, i write for i love doin it. every entries in here sometimes it meant from deep of me, but sometimes it means nthg at all. they r jst words. words dat linger in my head, and i take some effort puttin em down into somethg we can understand. sometimes the ideas jst come flowing, sometimes it aint. 

its been a while since i do write somethg in here and dedicate it specially for some one. i hardly do it now. for i am not sure if there is anyone do read dis. or dat u care. and u gotta be significantly mean somethg to me then. otherwise, they r merely words. 

ppl tend to believe wat they see. and wat they read. ppl dun care to go deep and look for the facts. i learn dat, today. u see somethg, u read somethg - u jump ur gun. and dat change the whole shyte. 


i hate the feelin of suffocated. i hate to keep runnin in the same circle. i hate myself to be judged as if u knw me for thousand years, and u acted like u do. i hate it if u think u knew lot better when u knw shyte.

and for everythg dat happened to me today - i jst hate myself for it. for every bits. every single bits.

but do u care? no. u care no shyte. its u urself dat matter much. 


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