Monday, January 5, 2015


seriously aku despise all these ppl yg buat keje last minit and menyusahkan org lain. if ur doin ur own thang last minit yet tak menyusahkan sesaper - then ok la kot. tp once u menyusahkan org lain, and dats a real shyte. imagine its 3pm plus now - baru ko dpt cerita yg u need to be in Putrajaya HQ for 3 days in a row. mana black and white? owh - ada. tp dated last year (i mean - end of last month). valid ke? argkh. so aku called me respectively askin em to make it properly - thru the rite channel, black and white etc - so dat keje aku senang, and everythg in a proper way. but until now - tadak apa cerita. 

and if it is true - esok at 8am aku kena ada kat Parcel E. aku rasa agak najis.

tekak perit. keje dlm aircond yg maha sejuk. meeting dr pagi. not dat i am grumbling (well, i mght - but who cares), but i gez dats the way it is. its Monday. its first day of the year ko start keje and ngadap all dis. 

too much off-days la kot, eh?

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