Wednesday, January 28, 2015

feverish.. :-/

i always remind myself about two thgs life i shall never forget - thngs dat i can change. and thgs dat i cant. i shall work hard on thgs dat i can change - if it is for good or betterment. but then for thgs dat i cant - i shldnt  bother much. coz even if i do - nthg much can be done. no matter how hard i try. no matter how bad i want it - i jst cant. 

i shall walk off and focus on thgs i can deal wit.

i am officially down wit fever. runny nose. perhaps i am too tired. perhaps the weather itself. perhaps.. nvm. think i shall crash off early, real soon.

hope i'll get better by the sun comes up trow. i got life to live. and myself to take care of.


but i din realize that
feeling so confident, feeling so great abt myself
and then it jst be completely shattered
by one thing, by s'thing so stupid
but then u make me feel crazy
u make me feel like it’s my fault
i was in pain..

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