Saturday, January 31, 2015


a week ago, i learned how does it feel to be the stupidest person among all. i learned how insensitive some ppl can be no mater how kind ur to them. i learned how the same insensitive ppl most of the time they treated u like a side dish; ur only precious when there is no one else. make a fuss out of shyte when theres no one around to point ur finger to. i learned how hard it is to be happy about s'thg ur not. and i learned how sad and pathetic it is to hang ur hope like a piece of cold shyte expecting failures and doomed to slump when ppl r winning,

and fcuk ur not.

i learned how bad it is when u do shyte and u never knw how to address it out well, and u go walking around pretending as if nthg happens. 

and expected other ppl to be happy. to jst walk tall as if nthg happens.

i learned dat good thg happens to bad ppl, maybe fair is a paradox word. i learned how insignificant my existence to the world, to the ppl around me; dis is i learned for umpteenth times. i learned, maybe; just maybe, thgs arent cut out for me to fit in, the cut out is too big and i am jst a speck of dust arnd the edges.

and i learned how dream and reality is two different thgs - in words emselves. fcuk it not dat i dun knw, but i prefer not to knw such. darn i learned it now. - dat rarely the two wld meet, and how more rare to achieve both. 

verdict? crushed.

i am heading out of town. see u in coupla days to come. take k, peeps.

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