Tuesday, January 6, 2015


nothg much at work. i had like most of thgs done and aku cant wait till the clock 'smack' 5pm so i cld go runnin. semua ni blamed on pengangguhan lapor diri stdnts lah, since banjir et al. supposedly by today - dah starts all the classes etc. tp now tunda to 12hb.

Amer dah 4 to 5 kali pusing2 kat tmepat aku, wit a same silly q's 'ko watpe Shah?'. and each time i'd told him 'i am doin some lite reading'. and he'll go to his place and answer the same each time org lain tanya dia wat on earth he is doin. bley?

Yus - she was there at her place stuck to the computer screen. she wakes up now and then - on to find somethg to munch. she'll come to my place and like 'ko ada apa-apa tak Shah?'. and to each, i'd go telling her 'apa apa nyer, Yus?'. and the third time she asked the same, i gav her the sort of unbelievable look at her and she goes like 'eh, aku dah same question kat ko tadik eh?'. perhaps dia ingat ku Giant ko jual jajan etc.

Tan? she went like 'Shah.. rajin la u Shah' again and again - tho she knws i aint do a shyte God sake.

the fact is - aku bosan. i had like coupla thgs in store to get rid of - tp aku malas. ye lah - ari ni baru Selasa, hoccay. kalo aku siapkan semua kerja.. then apa aku nak buat on Rabu, Khamis, Jumaat? u tell me. ok. alasan.

o Gowd. lambat nyer 5pm!!

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