Friday, January 30, 2015

2 mins to midnite.

in 30mins to come, it'll be my day. the b'day.

u knw those list of lessons some ppl will do to commemorate such an occasion? i tot i'd take a crack at it. i giv u tidbits i've gleaned from my time on dis planet. i am not saying they r particularly original, pithy or wise. but hey - they r wat i knw. thus, blame me not.

i bet u'll agree wit me, when ur standin in my shoes.

  1. if u dun hav any sense of humor watsoever by now - theres probably no hope for u.
  2. self-esteem comes hand in hand wit self-discovery. kick-off ur ego, get to knw urself well.
  3. u dun knw who u r until u knw wat u can do.
  4. if u cant change the situation - u shld then, maybe, change urself.
  5. s'times the only thg u can do wit the house dat s'one built is to burn it down and build ur own. u knw wat i am saying.
  6. inspiration requires the ability to shift perspective and see thgs from different vantage points. seriously.
  7. we find wat we look for. so be careful wat u look for. or wat u wish for.
  8. sunscreen is crucial.
  9. wash ur face way more frequent, too. u'll knw its good for u in yrs to come.
  10. brocolli taste better wit a lil bit of lemon juice on it.
  11. its possible to change other ppl - but only thru creating a shared and positive reality dat encourage em to flourish. me? i am tired of doin so. its absurd. i am changing my own self.
  12. at dis age - u'll understand dat its not about the power of control. its about the power to inspire.
  13. u can talk the talk, can you walk the talk? so if cant, shut up. talk and mean ur talk. i need no bulshyte.
  14. ur bulu kaki shed like a mofo
  15.  do mistakes a learn from it. u dun live life wit no mistakes at all. dat aint rite. coz u wont learn a thang. but if u keep doin the same ol' shyte, then ur a dump. sigh.
  16. i believe a successful r'ship is one dat gives both ppl room to flourish. i believe.
  17. the decision u make out of fear, thought-less r usually the decisions u regret.
  18. when ur frustrated by a problem dat involves complex thinking, u need to turn it over to ur subconscious by thinking about sthg else. 
  19. a soulmate is a person who forces u to stretch and grow. dis cld be a romantic partner, a child, a close fren - or an adversary. a soulmate who doesnt, wldnt do u good.
  20. one of the first steps to taking back ur power is to stop seeing urself thru the eyes of any person or group who treats u as less-then. hav some pride. go along wit someone who appreciate u well.
  21. run. u'll leave all shytes behind.
  22. crisis? it sucks. but it also gives u opportunity to reshape ur life, in a way u never wld hav done when u were in ur comfort zone.
  23. action - reaction - consequences. dats wat i believe in.
  24. less is more. but every once in a blue moon, more can be more.
  25. love urself even more. nbdy wld do dat except u, urself.
  26. thgs dat money can buy - purpose. empathy. intimacy. personal integrity. self-knwledge. self-esteem, gut instincts. curiosity. warmth. taste. mastery. respect. compassion. sexual, emotional and intellectual chemistry. charisma. balls. vision. good deeds. happiness. trust. love. Joie de vivre. s'one to do cardio or weight lifting for u.
  27. u deserve s'one who knws how to make thgs up to u after hurting u. not s'one who is very good with jst the word, "sorry".
  28.  do more exercises. run. and leave all shytes behind.
  29. learn to swim. learn some new languages. get to knw more ppl.
  30. better income.
  31. be nice to others. respect ppl to respect u.
  32. wit some ppl - its not a communication problem. its a personality. choose to refuse to deal wit em. safe ur life.
  33. its never to late to reinvent urself. its about becoming more of who u alrdy r.
  34. love ur fmly. ur siblings. ur mother. ur father (if he's still around). they r the one left after all ppl leave u behind.
  35. love urself.
  36. ..even more.

sigh. i cant wait till the sun comes up. i jst wanna hit the road and head to mak's. i dun wanna be in dis state of self now, i new her to be around. adik2, and all anak sedara. 

i need not to wait till midnite. i dun feel like to.

happy bird day to me, anyway!



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