Tuesday, December 9, 2014

love? FU.

ur salary is not love and ur word is not love. ur jealously is not love, and ur cannot let go attitude is not love either. ur clothes r not love and holding hand is not love. sex is not love, either a kiss is not too. long letters r not love and text is not love. flowers r cheap,so they aint love and a box of chocs too.

sunsets r not love,and photographs r not love. the star? no they r not. and a beach under the moonlight? they r fake and they r not love, obviously. the smell of someone's else on ur pillow is not love and the feeling of their skin touching ur skin is not love. 

heart-shaped candy is not love and an overseas holiday is certainly not one. the truth is not love and winning and argument is not love. the feeling of being able to prove ur other-half's mistakes is not love and keeping urself low and keep saying 'sorry' is not love either. warm coffee isnt love and cheap cards u bought from stores r not love. 

tears r not love and laughter is not love. a head ona shoulder is not love and msges written at the front of books given as gifts r not love. apathy is not love and numbness is not either. a pain in ur chest is not love. a lump u felt as ur breathing wit dat bloody fcukin hatred is in - dat is not love.and clenching ur fist wit full of anger,is absolutely not love.

and rain. they r not love.

but u. only u. u r love.

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