Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 -- 2015.

been a along time. its been like a month since aku last jot somethg in ere. u knw i always wanted to - but i cldnt find find the rite time, the rite words. same ol'shyte, i knw. 

life been very bz for me last coupla months. but i like the way it is. it occupied me alrite. the study. the exams. the works. the travelling. and the running as well. might be a lil bit too early to boost around - but i am proud of myself. dat i am running. s'thg dat i never tot of doin.

last day of 2014. a tough year. hold on - i dun mean to be kinda melancholic in ere - been seein like everybdys doin sort of re-cap wat ever not in my timeline (Twitter, FB, Instagram et al) but seriously i dun giv a shyte. a dun feel like doin it pun. 2014 for me was OK. new responsibilities, new possibilities. more unknowings, uncertainties. i learnt to enjoy life as it is - day after day - and stop to look way further, dat u mght forget to enjoy life to its bits. cant afford to look dat further anymore. i gotta enjoy every secs, every air, every lil bits in every day - as it is.

works gettin heavy. and aku start smbg study aku balik dis yr - shldve done dis way back then when aku still got lots of time in hand. not dat i regret it - cuma aku rasa.. i dunno. i shldve done dis way earlier. way fuckin earlier. and yes (sorry i hav to do dis again), dis year aku start to run. tak de la HM or FM (i will, insyaAllah!), but i started sikit2 dulu. kicked off dgn Gua Tempurung  Eco Challengeto We Run Sitiawan, and Ipoh Run, Putrajaya Urban Run, Petzl Nite Run and ended up wit Tiping Run. there were like 2 runs yg aku sepatutnya join, but i hav to called em off since clashed dgn keje and i had no say. sayang, since dah register bagai, i knw - sket je tu. but for me - its a very big step. i managed to challenge myself, overcome my fear and do thgs i wanted to do for a long time. and thgs i never tot of doin. and i did it! insyaAllah - more to come in year to come.   

shyte. did i jst do the re-cap thang..? argkh.

and dats running for real. in life - been 'running' around too. in circle. tired it is. but.. i do changed a lot,  for i wanted to. for good. betterment. for i knw life wont be like dis forever. u hav to change for good. and to change - u hav to start somewhere. i knw - u can giv me dat look.. but is ok. its me - myself. and i knw how it is. at least i am tryin. which it is makin me way better than u - who jst keep on givin dat kinda look and not even tryin.

and the headache - think i gotta live wit it. it is a pain in the arse, alrite. but i gez once ur a part of it, and u knw how to deal wit it - u'll get stronger. and u'll overcome it for sure.

ok lah - aku nak mandi. dah lunch time kot. cuti sejak Isnin - duduk rumah do thgs i never get the chance of doin in my ordinary days. tot of goin for a jog early in the morn., tak jadi since i cant help to get drown in bed dammit. and tot of goin to spend some time kat Lost World sebelah rumah aku neh - but tak jadik since dah bgun lambat and now dah dkt 1pm lbey.

so - if ur celebrating the new year - Happy New Year, fellas. may 2015 treat u good. treat us good, instead. 

Happy 2015 in advance, y'allz. 

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