Tuesday, November 4, 2014

i'm back wth.


 o yeah!

assalamualaikum. hi. hello!

erm, seriously i wanted to write. ok - u've been hearing dat for few times now. but yes, i mean it. seriously i mean it. but then again - i kept facing the same ol'shyte - u wanna write, u sat down, u tried to put thgs in word, u went half-way, and it got stuck somewhere in between. thus, u stopped. and dats it. or u write a draft, and kept it aside for a lil while - wit the tot of u mght want to get it posted real soon - i mean, real soon - but it ended up staying there, for ages. 

by the time u got the mood to go thru it, rasa mcm nak post an updates - only then u realized cerita dah basi. obsolete. ko baca pun mcm nak muntah. let alone ppl out there.

i mean - kalo ada org baca la..

so - wat i've been up to for the past 2 mths? seriously - work, study, run. run, work, study. and panjat bukit. on the weekend, on the weekdays kalo cuaca ok. and rajin.

work? its getting tougher. dulu aku siap bley tersengguk2 kat tmpat keje since sejuk and like.. byk keje dah siap (or perhaps, tadak keje sebnrnya). tp skang - i've been complaining tak cukup tdo. masuk je ofc by 730am - aku dah strat doin thgs. kelas, tutorial, keje2 S/U Peperiksaan (SUP), klinikal, stdnts, soalan, exam budak2 etc. and by the time aku tgk jam - its alrdy 5. 

5 means 'wtf ur doin in the ofc now!' kinda thang. its running time. or off naik bukit. i've been runnin a lot lately. for the past 2 mths, i mean. aku dah join 2 runs now - tp dkt2 lah. and aku ada like 3 more to go.. till end of the yr. still, aku dok stroll2 the web tgk mana2 run event yg bley aku join, and senang nak reg online je. my target? aku nak shed some weight. itu je. i found lifting wts making u bulge alrite, tp selagi tak hlg berat bdn yg giler babi le-lbey neh - wats the point? aku tak nak havin muscle ere and there, tp gemuk. euw. 

so aku stop gym for a while. bukan completely stop - aku still doin it, at home. rite lepas bgun tdo, and a bit seblm Maghrib. and in between - aku run. at least 7 or 8 km per day. for the sake of losing weight. aku join event pun bukan nak kejap perfect time and such. ofkoz it is sucha good motivation, aku jst nak push myself doin thgs i've no confident of doin before. and aku nak kurang brt bdn. 

and the medal? wow. dats the best part. hahaha

after all - specialist yg dah bising as if aku ni 'walking time-bomb', since cholesterol level dah giler tinggi. imagine  mula2 7 sthg. after 3 mths, naik 9! she wanted to put me on med., but i refused, askeing for more time so aku cld do sthg about it. she referred me to dietician. and gez wat? u think i wanna go? blerkgh. so aku altered my tabiat mkn, aku took all those supplement, apple+celery juice like everyday, oats and oats, and oats. and aku run. so pagi tadi dah amek fasting lipid profile. hope for the best. 

or else.. heh.

study - makin teruk. seriously speakin Semester ni mcm taik sket. aku kurang fokus. asgment byk, sumer pyh2. ramai dok komplen nape aku tolak HLP last time, nape aku tak smbg full time. they do knw nthg, so aku wldnt mind. i've put my priority rite - my mum, my fmly. study bila2 bley. mana2 pun bley. antara ko nak tak nak je.. i believe i alrdy had wat i want in life, so tak pyh terkejar2 nak smbg sgt kot.. so aku buat takat mana mampu.


hahaha.. dah byk paragraph eh? dr aku tadi duduk dpn laptop, tulis sket and delete. and then gegolek atas katil pandang screen laptop dr jauh, smpai laptop abes bateri. and now i am doin it and dah dpt few paragraphs, eh? hahahaha

ok lah. asgment tak siap. and aku dah ngantok. ko rasa mana yg penting?

definitely. aku tdo dulu! see u guys, around. sleep tite yo!

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