Saturday, November 29, 2014

30 Nov., abah.


i hav to do dis way earlier, for i dun thk i can survive the nite. i am so tired. and i need to crash early. rmbr when ur arnd, we - ur kids - were eager to pick the phone up and be the first to wish u? and me, being the eldest, i never fail to be the first. u'd go gigglin away and like 'abah dah tua..'. and u thanked me for the tot.

thgs r difrnt now. so difrnt since u left us behind.

abah, Selamat UlgThn Kelahiran, abah. kalo abah ada, u'd be 68 now. i knw, ur arnd - in our heart, our mind. and so.

thgs r a lot difrnt now, bt the love, the tot of u will always remain the same.

along syg abah. so much it hurts.


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