Friday, August 15, 2014


i wanna write somethg regarding the both above - but the words doesnt come rite up and i cldnt find any perfect one how to describe it anyway. writer block? nah. i am not a writer. a thought block, wld be good enuff. maybe.

another weekend. Yus was looking around for someone who can cover her 2hrs up of classes trow - and aku decided to giv it a shoot. Saturday. 2 hrs class. 11am to 1pm. tak pe lah. rather than stayin back home, doin nthg and entertaining all those shyte in mind. aku hope the stdnts wldnt mind at all, seeing my face like everyday, lately.

erm. will write more. i mean - wit the state i am in - u can expect me to up wit lots shyte, definitely. jgn lupa Jumaat, guys.

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