Tuesday, August 12, 2014


by 2pm aku dah kat UPSI. for VIVA. i dun really wanna talk about it - but at least i've made it. nthg to much ado wit it, and i dun really hav anyone to share the tot wit pun. biar lah. yg penting aku dah lps. after went thru a lot of shyte, ups and downs. now dat i am done wit dis - i shld be able to concentrate on the other one. 

by 5.30pm - i was back on the road. it was raining, and i need to rush back. minyak nak abes and i hav no choice but to kuar thru exit Bidor, isi minyak and hav somethg to it. yes, aku tak puasa ari neh - w'pun initially i was. i was so hungry, sleepy and i need somethg to fill up my tummy. at least Nescafe satu dua can teman aku on the road wld be jst fine. tak pe lah, puasa sunat je kot. so - the tot of i cld be done wit puasa enam by trow tak kesampaian lah. aku hav another 2 days to go.

smpai rumah around 8.30pm. aku tak drive laju - hujan. and byk lori. furthermore aku bwk Viva aku je kot, melayang2 kalo selisih dgn lori. sumpah aku seriau.

smpai rumah, iron bju, mandi, solat. kuar minum jap and now i am back at home. 

all i wanna do is jump into my boxer and go crashin. hoping i'd be able to crash properly tonite. hoping dat aku tak bgun tgh2 mlm and wondering wat to do. and wondering y i am not sleepin while others r.

gnyte, peeps. sleep tite!

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