Thursday, August 14, 2014


salam. good morning.

i feel much better dis morning. apart of i woke up by 2am sthg, but alhamdulillah aku managed to crashed back around 4am and bangun for Subuh and iron baju semua segala bagai by 6am. btw - semlm aku tdo awal - jst in case ko nak tau lah . by 10pm aku dah knocked out. penat. mengantuk. 

smpai ofc awal. aku dah sort out thgs benda yg perlu aku buat and need to settle coupla thgs by today. class at 8 to 100,and after dat aku free. tot of goin for PLA kejap. tgk la mcmana - kalo aku rajin.

basically, i am making up my mind. tho i am not sure of decision made - tp aku i am sure i'll make up one in no time at all. aku am tired runnin in circle. 

gtg. see u around. hav a pleasant day ahead, peeps.

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