Tuesday, August 12, 2014


feeling groggy. and malas. i cldnt sleep last nite - jst like coupla nites before. and i cant jst help thinking the 'cycle' is coming back - where i am strugglin like shyte, fighting jst to get my eyes close at nite and havin my mind wandering over places - thus, i cant sleep.

came in to the ofc like a half-Zombie, aku seriously malas to do anythg at all. i had no classes today, but bengkel edit questions starting today (till 15/8) and aku as urusetia - i cant run from dealing wit all dis ppl yg mcm2 perangai. demand mcm2, keje mcm haram. kalo ko duduk edit soalan and get it done in time, tak pe jugak. ni keje mcm sampah, nak itu nak ini. 

5th day puasa enam. kak ton CC Unite Exam and Quality bising since aku puasa while peserta2 bengkel lain start berbengkel and makan. free2 je kena sound dgn aku. aku puasa ke tak, ko bising pesal. ko bukan mak aku pun. seriously aku rasa sgt annoyed. 

i am leaving the building now. gotta off to UPSI for some reason. and its urgent. imagine - ko mengantuk, not in a good mood and u gotta drive alone for dis. tak pe lah. 


we r loner in dis world for some reason. no matter how many fresn ur havin, no matter how extrovert ur - we mght not be alone, but we cant run from havin dat 'lonely' feeling. 

erm, forget it. gtg.

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