Saturday, August 23, 2014


do u ever feel like ur just wasting ur time? or ur life, perhaps? like day after day, the same ol'shyte. wat can u do to make ur life worthwhile? wat do u want, wat makes u happy.. wat shld u be doin so dat it doesnt feel like ur just wasting away ur limited days, on earth?

how do u find the meanin of life? wat r u livin for? sometimes even if we do knw wat we want and wat wld make us happy - it feels like the world is freakin bent on conspiring against u, makin sure u dun get it. 

its like fate doesnt want u to be happy. u wanna live life for the fullest but u dun even knw where the hell to start. how do u stop the loneliness from creepin in?

dun look at me like dat. coz i hav no idea. maybe the answer r jst around the corner.

or maybe, the answer is in u?

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