Friday, August 15, 2014

..and ur gone.

i was doin my work when i heard Puan Ong calling up for Ameer, asking for his help bukak few tingkap since 'ada burung masuk building and now tak bley keluar'. aku cldnt care less, since mmg kerap our level ni burung-burung tersilap terbang and masuk in here, not knwg how to get the hell outta ere. 

and aku over-heard Puan Ong ngomel sorang2, telling someone else 'kesian dia langgar cermin.. mesti head injury' kinda thg. still, aku mls nak amek port, aku had thgs to be done. 

until aku bgun off to the washroom and aku came over the bird, on the floor - lookin so serba tak kena, and she was there quietly, and has no intention to fly away pun - by the time aku get closer to her. i cldnt help myself to believe Puan Ong's words dat 'mesti head injury' kinda thang. concussion ke ko? contusion? ada LOC?

so aku had her in the palm of my hand - the bird struggled a bit, tp kinda weak la kot. aku held her, and bwk keluar dr Bilik Pengajar ke pavillion tempat aku selalu lepak kalo in here sejuk giler. aku sat down for a while, holding her in my had. the eyes were so flaming red, and i cld see mcm kinda spot of blood kat her paruh. its Raven la kot. i think. i am not a bird-ologist, so dun ask me, coz i dun knw. 

i sat there for about 20mins., havin it in my hand. tak pernah seumur hidup aku holding sekor burung yg hidup and she din do anythg at all. aku usap2, and i cld feel the claws clawing my fingers well.

dat was when she finally terbang a bit, and landed down atas simen. aku tgk saja lah. malas nak takut kan her. i knew somehow or rather, she'll get away - either aku nak or tak nak. she stood there dpn aku for w lil while, as if mcm tgk aku in one kind. and finally she flew away - jst like dat.

i hope she'll make it. i knw she will la kot.

i was kinda happy havin her in my hand for dat short while, and then she left. i sat there for a while, thinkin. i am not sure how and wat to tell - but i am sure i am havin sort of strange feelin in me God sake. its like a minute ur havin s'thg in ur hand, and the next time u knw - its gone. and theres nthg u can do about it. and u cant stop it either. 

u knw - i mean.. *sigh*. i dun knw.

i jst hope she'll be alrite.

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