Thursday, July 10, 2014

insecurity? dun shyte on me.

we all hav insecurities about sthg at one point or another in our lives. everyone feels insecure at times, but some r better at managing em while others wear em on their sleeve for all to see. 

i hav em as well. a lot of it, in fact. i manage to secure my insecurities s'time, tp kdg2 - i jst cant help it. i believe in finding it, go thru it, and deal wit it. sometime it works, sometime - it aint. but i knw i am improving well. at least.

havin insecurities doesnt mean ur lacking. but to put ur insecurities, twist it around and let other ppl feels the flaws, incomplete and live life in deep shyte - dat is s'thg else. for its ur own insecurities - it wldnt be fair for u to drag others in and feel the shitty feelin. it wont help. thgs gonna get worst and by the time u realize it - its way too late dah pun.

easy to say, coz the fact is i am too, struggling wit mine. and i bet u too. 

so i get the best way is to knw wat it is, look around for solution, and deal wit it la kot.

coz if u use ur own securities and twist it around, make other ppls' lives miserable - i gez dat aint good la kan.. eh?

heh. tak tau le mende yg aku merepek neh.

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