Monday, July 28, 2014

Salam Eid ul Fitr!

wat a hari raya means to u? some ppl thk its jst anther day u hav to go thru. some ppl thk the other way arnd. the fact is, however and wat ever u thk it is, i believe its how u see it, how it means to u and how the past shapes u.

i believe hari raya its more than jst bju baru, kueh mueh and all those clichè miskin kaya b'gembira - as u mght listen to all those lagu raya. for me - its the fmly come first - the get together, and saling maaf memaafi - bkn thru WhatsApp or SMS, but thru those conventional wat dat is.

dr kecik abh didik us to wake up early, mandi sunat hari raya, solat Subuh b'jemaah, b'takbir raya bersama-sama and finally salam wit one anther, there and there. dr mak, aku, angah, abg cik, kak yang, Soleh, the fmly and the whole minimonsters.

aku dah breakfast. dah siap2 pun. tgh tggu abg ngah, cik et al for solat hari raya.

plan raya? ikut mak lah. bg aku, raya aku will complete real soon, after m'lwt kubur abah. i hav mak, adk2 aku and the rest of the fmly members, and i dun wanna ask for more.

3thn abh not arnd for hari raya. he is not, physically i knw. but he is - in everyone of us. and dats for sure. selamat hari raya, abh.

gtg. be bck jap lagi. before aku stop, maafkan aku zahir dan batin.

Salam Eid ul Fitr Mubarak, guys!

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