Tuesday, July 15, 2014

kinda heart?

i wonder, if u broke a heart one too many times, how long will it take to mend?

wat if it was like a ceramic heart, will it ever be the same again? or is it jst like a mug which fell off the table and gained a new crack each time? theres only so much cracks a mug can take before it loses the ability to hold water. only so much a broken heart can take before it starts to leak. wat goes in the broken ceramic heart, will always leaks out. theres hardly anythg left for u after a while.

wat if it was a glass heart, once broken, considered thrown.

wat if it was a paper heart? u can cut it out anytime. anytime, at all. when ur done, u can glue it on again. but it'll never be placed properly, it'll always be a lil bit off.

wat if it was a rubber heart? u can try to break it many times, but it feels nthg. its not even biodegradable. its jst out there, it doesnt expect, jst hopes. it also cant love u back. coz its bounce.

the plastic heart at one time has been a ceramic heart, a glass heart, a paper heart of a rubber heart. but cynicism has muted it into becoming plastic.

ah, wat kinda heart do u hav?

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