Saturday, July 5, 2014



life is short.

no doubt. but there r ppl out there blessed wit a long and fruitful life, some even way past the normal life span of a human being. they die of old age, and these ppl hav lived a full life.

dun u wish u cld also die of old age? imagine dyin, where u cld jst lie peacefully on ur deathbed, surrounded by the ppl u love, and jst ready to embrace death wit open arms.

death is inevitable. we all gonna die. jst dat where, when and how. the manne of our death is a big deal to most ppl. learnin to plan a funeral for ur loved one is never an easy thang. it is sucha painful and sad event, but we can make the process easier by openin our hearts and accepting dis fact of life, and knwg dat these ppl who we loved on earth will be there wit Allah Subhanahu wata'alla. insyaAllah.

i've been thru it. and i knw how it is. and i am wondering of mine.

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