Thursday, July 10, 2014

in a nutshell.

aku tak de kelas hari ni. yet i dun feel like driving up to Pangkor do the clinical teaching. so aku decided to finish up pencerapan kelas staf-staf bwh jagaan aku je ari ni. so i was havin like 2 hrs of observing P&P ari ni. pagi, and after lunch break. the verdict? aku mengantuk giler. duduk belakang sorg2 and do nthg except observe teaching methodology et al. 

and jst now - aku duduk dlm 45mins je. kelas tak five, aku pun blah. ngantuk giler dowh!

and around 10.30am dis morn., aku managed to sneak out pi tgk stdnt2 aku kat HBUK - for some clinical teaching, bed-side teaching dll. aparently dorg mmg dok expect any lect to come popping in. had a good time there wit the stdnts, the patients as well. 2 hrs there, by noon, aku balik ofc. 

i managed to do some marking as well. sebenarnya tak lar urgent mana - tp to fill up the gap and kill some time - i hav to hav sthg to do. or else, i'd havin my brain wonderin and thinkin about a lot of bulshyte kinda thang. aku penat, seriously.

supposedly ada plan berbuka puasa wit stdnt2 postbsc hari ni kat Hydramaut - kedai mkn tok Arab kat Ipoh, tp dorg call ckp postponed to next Monday.  bagus lah. aku pun tadak mood ari neh. mls nak go bersosial and berbaik2 dgn manusia lain. i jst wanna keep thgs to myself, and find some inner peace in it. 

tazkirah Zohor hari ni. as usual lah, tiap Isnin dan Khamis. aku ada masa and ruang - so aku walked a bit to surau and spent some time there. its a good food for soul, really. tak sabar rasanya nak balik hav some rest, berbuka, off for terawih and balik crashing as usual. rutin aku bulan Ramadhan. kinda monotonous, but i like it. 

owh, btw - Anak Mr Ismail Edi (kembar, tp pre-matured) meninggal dunia dis early morning. he had em both well before he lost the first one after like on the 3rd of delivery, and tinggal sorg ni dlm incubator since pre-matured, and tak cukup berat bdn. after like 3 months struggling for a life - the baby left for good. and dis kwn of mine lost both of the baby. just imagine how it is.

no. i cant imagine how it is. the pain and such - beyond words. 

i gez dats the way life is. ppl come, ppl go. nothg last forever. thgs change, and its inevitable. u cant run from it, thgs change. ppl left. ppl change. and nthg stays the same.

hav a good Iftar, everybdy.

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