Tuesday, July 15, 2014


ok. aku admit - i'm bored. rasa pjg sgt la plak ari neh. i hav a lot of thgs to say, tp t'lalu mls utk fikir mende2 neh. lantak lah. 

owh, lets do dis. lama dah aku nak answer the below.

  • wld u be able to date someone who doesnt make u laugh? yes. then i'll kill dat person.. :-P
  • wat do u wanna be when u grow up? soalan mende neh? i am a grown up alrdy. next!
  • wat do u currently hear right now? Metallica - Enter Sandman. lama tak dgr lagu ni doe!
  • when was the last time u laughed really hard about somethg? semlm, during iftar. wit all the stdnts and the big shots. no, aku tipu. gelak plastik dat it. erm, watching The Nanny on the YouTube. priceless!
  • do u regret doin anythg dis week? no. aku regret not doin sthg in fact.
  • wat did u do last nite? last nite? balik iftar, mandi, solat and tdo!
  • do u think u cld ever decide on a tatoo design if u choose to get one? no. i am not. tatoo is hot. but i cant decide on wat.
  • wat r u doin at 3pm trow? kelas. dgn budak2 farmasi Sem 3. they r fun, and i cant wait. yes, seriously.
  • when is ur birthday? 31st JANUARY. its cap. so..
  • wld u rather watch football or baseball? neither. 
  • ir ur heart broken rite now? nope. closely intact. my heart made of steel. katanye.
  • do u hav a trust issues? massively.
  • do u play video game? yes. only Mario and nthg else.
  • ru wearing makeup? ko giler ke aper? err, wait. if i say yes, wat wld u think?
  • wats on ur mind most today? wats for berbuka. i am a human being and i deserved to be treated like one. wats for berbuka. wats for berbuka. heh.
  • wat ru doin for the next b'day? nthg.
  • do u plan on moving next year? moving? ko nak pi mana? Putrajaya? haha
  • wats ur fav season? raining season. i love raining season, but i hate to stay outdoor when it does. aku tak suka kaki aku lembap. and kasut aku basah as well.
  • do u find the opposite sex confusing? no. observe em closely and u'll understand. they r a maze wit arrow direction.
  • do u ever keep arguing even when u knw ur wrong? yes. and no. yes if the person i really hate -darn i wont giv up, tho theres no hope! no - if its a fren of mine.
  • do u miss anyone? and i am a miss world. ok, itu over. yes, i am!
  • do u hav anythg in ur pockets right now? my boxer has no pocket. so nak jwb mcmana?
  • ru comfortable wit answering personal q's? no. no matter who askin, jst stay out of it. owh, especially kalo ko baru on my fren list for example - dun even think of askin any. aku tak suka. i think its kinda rude. 
  • do u believe exes can really ever be "jst frens"? no. if the exes r plastics.
  • wat do the majority of ppl in ur life call u? fmly? they call me 'Izam'. or along. frens? 'Shah'.
  • if ur parents din like the person ur dating, wld u lose em? no. screw em.
  • wat was the last drink u had? Vitagen. original flavour.
  • do u think someone is thinkin about u rite now? me? no.
  • wats the time is it? 1.50pm
  • it is ok for guys to wear pink? yes. only sexy guys wear pink. i mean, it depends. some can totally bring the colors. some jst foolin emselves.. :-P
  • do u cry and throw a fit until u get ur own say? y? no! heh.
  • how many windows r open on ur computer now? 6.
  • do u like hugs? yes. very much. its a public dry humpin. whoever dun want dat? haha
  • ru afraid to fall in love? no. i believe if i do, i cna steer outta the way.. or so i think.
  • do u like bonfires? now wtf is dat?
  • how many pills did u take yesterday? 8.
  • wats somethg u really want, rite now? be honest. a new smartphone. baju keje. suar keje baru.
  • does anythg hurt on ur body? huh?
  • ru goin anywhere for a break? ermm
  • is there ever a spring break over here? spring break? jadah. 
  • do u think 'wat if' about anythg? wat if's teach us everythg, kan?
  • has anyone called u perfect before? no. haha.. i duns ee any reason anyone shld.
  • do u or hav u ever worn glassess? yes. i hav 3 glasses actually, and i hate em all. rasa mcm nerd giler pakai spek.
  • how serious r ur feelings for the person u like? pass..
  • hav u ever met a gay person? yes. they r ppl btw. jst like u and me. so wat the heck.
  • last three texts on ur phone r from? kak ngah, a stdnt of mine. Astro.
  • wats somethg ur excited about right now? nthg. and i love it dis way.
  • how long hav u been at ur current job? 15yrs now.
  • hav u ever been in a long distance r'ship? yes.
  • r u talkactive? quite, wit the right ppl..
  • who ru talkin to right now? myself.
  • ru currently frustrated wit someone? yes.
  • wld u ever consider piercing ur lip? YES. ha ha. snake bite, so cool! i'd settle wit clip ons. ada ke? where can i get one eh? heh.
  • has anyone ever hung up on u? ramai..  :-(
  • do u hav unlimited texting? way past zaman2 rajin mesej2 neh.. but i do WhatsApp. but no WeChat, tq.
  • do u hav any piercing? no.
  • ru happy rite now? now? euthymic je kot.
  • who were u wit at 8pm last nite? the stdnts. the big shots.

phew. finally i am done! 

mandi jom.

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