Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7-1? owh! really??? OMG!!!

ko tgk bola semlm? eh, aku tgk larr! Jerman menang sial!! wow, ko tgk? seriously? 

sorry. i was just kiddin. i aint a fan. u shld knw by now. i do knw thgs and the results a bit ere and there, but to stay up and come to work like a Zombie (or even get caught red handed tido kat meja dpn komputer di ofis), heh - i wont be doin dat God sake. i mean - yeah, if u do stay up for it - its ur choice. and i am glad. but if u ask me if i am - sorry, i am not. 

i'd rather catch the results on the net.

so u dun come to my bilik and talk about it. Jerman? Brazil? owh, Jerman menang. 7-1. yeay! ok. enuff. now, get ur arse together and get the hell outta my room and go back to ur biz. ko keje kan? i knw ur passion, ur love for it or watever shyte dat is. but to come to me and talk about it - ha ha..

owh, btw - i got all the pics below from the net. easy life is! 

yeay!! Jerman menang!!!


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