Monday, June 30, 2014

who works on Monday? *not me!*

salam Ramadhan Kareem. its 2nd Ramadhan anyway.

and its Monday - yet aku at home. dun feel like working today, ever since aku woke up for sahur early dis morn. ofc pun nthg much, excpt for a meeting on KPI wit the new Pengarah yg i dun feel like attending. so i let the KP&K, TP(A) knew about it, and aku bgtau Puan Faridah since shes the Ketua Prog. A&P, in case anythg. 

and perhaps, she can updates me on coupla thgs, too.

btw - its Ramadhan, again. apart its a special month, bulan yg mulia of segala bulan - there shld be no excuse to not be doin ur daily routine. i mean - ur work et al. aku menyampah dgn all those yg kept on bg alasan 'alarrr.. puasa kot!' kinda thang when it comes to work. 

unless its a bad thg, dat wld be smthg else.

and for dis holy month of the year - i hav my own vision/mission-wat-ever-u-may-call-it, as well. i mean, it wldnt be rite to go much ado about it in here, but i wanna be better than last year insyaAllah. puasa, terawih dll. aku tak nak bertahan lapar sepjg hari and ended up dats about it. i wanna do way better than dat - and i wanna keep it as a habit insyaAllah. we r all gettin older - i mean, i am gettin older, and i hav to d smthg about the whole thg. i refused to a hypocrite - dat u knw wat is it, how it is, yet u pretend dat theres nthg, as if ur waiting for a sign from high above to turn around do the rite thg. and  u can call me for bein a hypocrite for all dis (for as if u knw me better), but at least i am doin it, rather than nthg at all. 

and at least i knw where i at, and i knw wat i am doin.

and Ramdhan ni jugak, aku nak eat clean. smlm aku b'buka wit oats and raisins, wit a bit of tempe sambal tumis ikan bilis (dammit, i cant help it), and a murtabak. off terawikh, balik aku minum susu for a supper. pagi tadi pun aku sahur wit oats and some anggur hijau, susu. and a lot of plain water. and its been a week now since aku amalkan cuka kurma (u mixed up satu sudu cuka kurma, wit a sudu of honey, bancuh dgn like 250ml air putih). it taste good and insyaAllah it'll do good. even bekal air pi gym/jog pun aku tambah cuka kurma.. masam sket lah, tp its ok. 

the benefit? go figure it out urself!

ok lah, nak kemas rumah sket. enjoy yr Monday, folks! and yes - do work well. hehehe

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