Thursday, June 19, 2014

mak long.. :-/

aku received a text and pic thru my adik-beradik nye WhatsApp - mak long in ICU Taiping. wit mak standing rite beside her. i feel like runnin rite to there, but i jst cant, now. and i jst cant wait for early trowm morn., so i cld rush back to see her. Soleh ckp - mak long dah tak sedar, kaki tgn dah bengkak dan bluish. 

and i knw wat it is.

last year, during dis same particular time - around Ramadhan to come, pak teh was warded in the same ward like mak long, now. abah 2 yrs back, pak teh last year, and now mak long.  seein the pic itself, i knw how it is for mak. one by one, and the feelin of 'i am left alone' was all over her face. i really wanna be there for her, tho i knw i wldnt change a thang.

mak long sgt rapat dgn aku. aku suka balik Kg Larut Tin there in Taiping, for i love her cookin. she's a real good cook. laksa and such. aku remember bgun tido pg2, aku akan duduk kat tangga mengadap dapur, wondering apa mak long masak for breakfast. if it is nasik goreng je, aku'll tarik muka and naik smbg tido. and if it is kueh - wat ever kueh dat is - darn  i'd be glad. and every Hari Raya, her rendang tok and rendang kerang is the first thang yg aku akan cari. 

and she'll definitely kept em aside, jst for me.

she went thru hell in life. anak2, and such. aku, adik beradik and mak - we helped her as much as we can. for we love her, for she's the only one left dat keeps the feeling of our tok, around.

Ya Allah, giv us strength. buy us some time. pls, Ya Allah.

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