Tuesday, June 17, 2014

K28 - cerita lama.

cerita lama. graduation dinner K28 aka budak2 aku end of last year, here in Ipoh.

i found the whole thumbdrive wit all the pics dlm beg keje aku - and i spent like coupla hrs went thru every each of the pics. and it left me feelin kinda numb, seriously. and seriously - aku rindu budak2 neh - no matter how nakal, how worst the bad time they gav me.

i gez dats the way it is. as aku pernah said it before - stdnts came and stdnts go. once they out there, they wont stop and look back and remember all the thgs they went thru, before. but for u - since ur in ere stuck like nbdy biz - its common for u to be overwhelmed wit all sort of memories and such.

and i remember i cried (a bit) on dat nite. imagine - whole 3yrs ur wit em all - nuture and nature. 3yrs wit em all - went thru so much, think and thin, shyte and such. 3yrs of covering em.. hahahaha and 3yrs, they r like a part of me, seriously. no matter how hard aku penampar dorg, marah and such - i do love every one of em. for they r all unique. and special.

erm.. sorry. emo mcm bodo sket.

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