Thursday, June 19, 2014

g'day, peeps!

another day at work. shldve take a leave today and off to mum's in Bagan Serai (since aku dah janji to balik and bring her melawat mak long - she's in ICU Hosp. Taiping now), but i hav no choice but to cancel it off - since ptg ni ada meeting wit the new Pengarah, and i hav no choice but to attend. made a call to mak, alhamdulillah, she's ok. so esok lah aku amek cuti - balik Bagan Serai pg2, pick her up, pi Hosp. Taiping and by ptg or mlm2 sket - aku balik lah Ipoh.

22/6 Ipoh International Run. aku tatau if aku really ready for it. dis time around - aku sorang2 je.. mcm malas, bosan semua ada. tp dah register. runnin kit dah bley start collect ari neh. heh.

managed to squeeze some time in between to meet Ejad ptg semlm. had some coffee kat Sunway City's Starbucks, and chit chat over the coffee. Ejad dah based in Ipoh - for many months now, tp masing2 sibuk and payah giler nak jumpak. so the last time we had coffee was like 6 mths back. he'll be leavin for his posting in Lahad Datu real soon. and we had a lot of thgs under the sun to keep up wit. 

done coffee-ing, aku rushed balik office to finish up coupla thgs, for today. and around Maghrib, i was alrdy home - and penat giler.

shldve be done wit all the works and such - tp since 11am ada majlis mkn2 Unit Exam dan Kualiti - aku dah spent time byk unnecessarily there. dorg celebrate bdays semua staff starting Jan to Jun, for aku included. ada pulut kuning wit rendang ayam doe! giler aku sekejap, hilang ingatan mkn mcm kuda. by Zohor - aku sedar2 perut aku dah bloated giler. and all the rasa nyesal came rushing in. hahaha

aku puasa ari neh. and i feel good, alhamdulillah.

hav a good day ahead, peeps! and be good.

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