Wednesday, June 25, 2014

diam la bo..!

owh. u dun go tell the world dat 'i am open!!' and 'my office's doors r open', 'we can always discuss..' yada yada da da da yada yada ya ya ya while u dun even knw wat is dat mean by 'i'll listen to u well' pun. u cant jst go potong cakap org and came up wit ur like-i-giv-it-a-shyte kinda opinion, while i dun need one.

and u cant go givin me advices for dammit, i dun need it to! all i need is u to shut the fcuk up, and listen. jst.. listen. u knw. u jst sit still, put dat fake i-hate-to-see-it-on-ur-face smile for a while, and listen. jst listen, God sake. 

and when i am done - there u go. u can open up ur bloody freakin mouth, go tellin me all those ada-aku-kesah nasihat, kata pujangga, ur bloody tots or watever not. for the end of the day, it'd be jst ur own tots, and its up to me to take it seriously, or i shall shove it back rite up ur arse.

i am tired of all dis kinda ppl. claimin to be 'a good listener', 'i will definitely consider yr words' and such - while the fact is, ko tak tau jadah pun apa yg ko ckp. its ur tots dats all dat matters. and its not even an opinion for me to ponder, but a decision of urs for me to swallow it down my throat. 

jst bcoz ur my superior. my super-duper fcukin senior.

seriously aku penat wit dis kinda species. haih.

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