Saturday, June 7, 2014


i am fat, over-weighted. i am lazy. and i am full of hatred.

a dozen of donuts and worst foods, 2 bottles of honey green tea, now and then cigar-smokers, and Mozilla, Opera and Google Chrome wit at least 15 tabs each.

dats life.

mind - the size of a pea. cranium the size of a rotthen watermelon. and itch i never can let go.

a messy bed, an even messier under bed and the messiest closet. some skeletons, some dishes. i served em cold and i got it back hot, lumpy and stinky.

and a blog. a blog to torture.

who knws past can be re-read. but everyone knws it will be painful.

dats it. and if i die right now, i probably wont be missed.

maybe, by the bed. the closet. dis keyboard. the shoes. the watches. teh perfume. FB page, Twitter, secret pages, side-sling cotton bag and the roaches and mysterious fungi lives by the wall.

and a blog.

other than dat - no one; human.


byk bende dis week, tadak mood to tell a tale.

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