Sunday, May 11, 2014


feel like feverish smlm. sampai rumah from skol - it was raining and i was like runnin in and out of the car. and the worst part is - aku smpai rumah around 6pm, and aku din str8 hit for the shower.. tp sempat lagi pusing satu rumah, tgk pokok2 aku, siram em and few other thgs. Maghrib baru mandi, and by the time Isya' - aku dah rasa mcm nak demam.

cld be the hujan. dun ask me how and wats the mechanism if kena hujan and how demam can sets in - i dun really knw. or perhaps aku kurang rehat. and all dis classes during the weekends - i am paying th price now, i think.

classes went well. except for Dr Bazlan nyer class - at nite. he said the class will go on as usual, but by the time all the stdnts r in - finally he broke the news - class tak jadi. seronok - since class tak jadi. tensi - since dah dlm kelas, and baru nak ckp kelas tak jadi. driving back to the room - aku was smiling to myself think of it. kena batang idung sendiri and u knw how it is. tp kalo ko sendiri kensel kelas - u never think of wat wld the stdnts think. eh?

owh - btw, result my Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) dah keluar. Prof Rahmatullah he made me sit in the class and answered all like 400 sthg q's, wit no excuse at all. aku remember coupla frens of mine yg 'malas aku.. nak muntah jwb q's.. so aku hentam je' kinda thang. as for me, i wanna knw myself well. i wanna learn about myself - so aku attentively sit down and forced myself to answer all the q's. seriously mmg buhsan siak. bygkan 400 sthg soalan and most of the soalan lbey kurang sama. but i managed to finish em all up.

and now i am havin the results in my hand! u wanna knw wat it is? ngeeee..

the scary part of MMPI-2 is - they knw bila ko menipu, bila ko malas nak jwb so main taruk je, ur consistency in answering, is it fake or not, or r u tryin to be sthg else and such. scary? u tell me! hahaha.. so jgn terkejut kalo ko do dis, and ko kantoi trying so hard to be someone else. or perhaps, the worst part is - ko menipu. huhu

but i had fun. and the results really show me who i really am and such. not dat i dun knw mysel well, tp kdg2 u knw - tp ko buat2 tak tau. and now - the result in writing. and nak tak nak, ko kena terima lah! 

2 weeks to go and aku'll sit for final sem nyer exam. then i am done wit 1 sem. cepat eh? and towards the end of dis month - i am goin to be a bit bz, i think. nak study lagik. haih. 

dah la markah quiz semua nyer pan.. eh, nvm.

tak pe lah. i knw i'll try my freakin best to be the best. dats for sure. after all, dis is my own choice. i've made the choice and i hav to be responsible for it. furthermore, i am enjoyin masuk belajar balik. making urself bz wit new thgs, learnin and such - really makes me feel so alive.

btw, Ipoh International Run 2014 dis 22 June. ko dah daftar?

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