Friday, May 9, 2014

shrink pt 1 - self defence mechanism.

do u knw each time the boss scold u, u bring dat resentment feelin home and scold ur child - dat is a self defence mechanism? or ego defence mechanism, some ppl said. or each time ur mom scream her lungs out to u - u jst stand there silently, emotionless and off then to ur room - banging the door, dat is also a self defence mechanism. or perhaps u knw ur lacking so well, u dun really hav anythg to prove yet ur go mingle wit all those tip-top kinda ppl - thus dat makes u feel good and less lacking - dat is also a self defence mechanism! or imagine dis - ur in a verbal fight wit ur pal and u knw ur at the edge of losing the whole shyte - and suddenly ur like, 'dah la.. mls layan ko. bodoh!' out of ur mouth, out of no where. and do u knw dat IS also a self defence mechanism?

ur in deep shyte. despite ur tryin to face the shyte, u jst sit there imagining dat thgs will be ok. or perhaps, wat if things r not as shitty as it is now. so ur daydreaming. daydreaming is a self defence mechanism too. oh wait, ur in deep shyte - everybdy knws ur in a deep shyte. perhaps u knw it too. but u cant face the music. so, ur in denial. darn ur using a self defence mechanism yeah. or ko tau ko buat salah, tp ko pretend as if ko tak buat apa2 - yet ko buat org lain rasa bersalah so ko tak lagi 'bersalah'. u knw wat i am sayin? hahaha shyte i've seen dis like everyday. kdg2 aku pun like to do dat, seriously.

and ur procrastinating. its also a self defence mechanism. by procrastinate, u refuse to make a decision. coz deep in u knw - u knw by doin so - making a desicion; u'll hav to commit. and ur not ready to commit. so u procrastinate. thus - ur practising ur self defence mechanism. 

or ko berangan tak sudah. the fact is semua org tau ko berangan to the max. in real life is - u hav nthg. and u knw it too. but u tend to attend the tot dat its for real - dat ko super-bagus, and ur berangan-less. hahahaha.. fcuk it. self defence mechanism!

i mean - those r all in psychoanalysis. of Freud. the more i learn, the more i wanna knw thgs. and the more aku belajar - rasa mcm tak cukup2 jugak. its fun to knw all dis and along the way u move in life - u can see dis like everyday. arnd u.

tak salah kalo ko ber-self defence mechanism. dats mekanisma yg semua org guna, unconsciously. to protect ur ego. u knw - the id, ego, superego (lain kali aku explain).

cuma apa yg beza kan ko dgn org lain is - which defence yg ko guna. is it mature, immature or psychotic. and do knw dat all dis self defence mechanism - to 'mold' ur personality, seriously.

btw - silat cekak and silambam is not in list, ya. Freud never mention it pun. hahaha

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