Thursday, May 1, 2014


woke up by 6, i remember i snoozed the alarm coupla times. cant really sleep, and i was craving for more crashin. unfortunately, i cant. i need to pack my belongings, check out and off leavin for KL Sentral soon as i can. i knw it is like 4.5km from INTENGAH to KL Sentral. but not havin anyone to send u there, to pick u up and such - dat means u hav to work thgs on ur own - i need to get a cab (which is i never did dat before) and all these bags and such.. 

someone told me to get MyTeksi App installed. u can used dis conveniently (esp in KL) and i wanted to try. at least for today. and i did. lepas packing sumer2, aku bwk bag ke dpn, checked-out and started to screw the apps. it was simple, easy to understand. and less complicated. first trial - it was like 'I am sorry i cldnt get u a cab' and i was like.. erm, maybe i shld try again. but the second try came uo wit the same msg - aku dah panik. wat if the apps doesnt work? wat if i cldnt get myself a cab? how on earth am i goin to get there? sad i was, tp aku try lagik sekali. 

alhamdulillah, the 3rd trial - it worked. theres a cab for me. i immediately call the driver (the apps provided u the cab's registration number, the driver's phone number, and even the pic of the driver!). he said he's on the way, and he was like 7mins away from my place. 

damn. how cool is dat!

the cab in, and i off leavin INTENGAH. aku tau tiket ETS aku at 1pm, tp elok la aku siap awal2. tak berebut. i rather stay there doin nthg waiting for the train, rather than berebut2 and u never knw wats coming. the driver was an Indian young man, speaks a cool English. we talked about the apps, and how grateful i am to get a cab while i was in the mid of nowhere. it cost me RM9 sthg for the trip, plus RM2 for charge of using the apps (i think). aku bg RM20 and made the driver keep the change. the young man was like 'bos, byk lebih ni bos'.. and i smiled away to him telling him off dat how thankful i am to get a cab, and how scary it'd be if i cldnt get one. frankly speakin - havin him responding to my request to get a cab was a bless. and i am happy. the cab makes me happy. and the cab belongs to the driver. thus, both the driver and the cab makes me happy. and they deserved better.

so - hey, sila install MyTeksi Apps. it works. and it helps! at least for me.

the found me a driver!

mamam taim.

and the rest of the day - aku spent kat KL Sentral. 10am to 1pm was a long time. if u dun spend it wisely. i had my breakfast at Meals Station. roti susu, tea panas, a bit of mee-hoon and telor setgh masak. done - rayau2 at Nu Sentral. nice place. cuma byk kedai tak bukak lagi.. by 12pm, aku dah melangut kat KFC, trying to finish up my McFlurry. 

been a while since aku get the chance of sittin down, doin nthg - and jst do the ppl-watching. i mean - had my both eyes under the cap well, aku jstg sit there and look at the ppl. the happy faces, chatty ppl, muka-masam-i-hate-u couple, and a lot more. and i started to think - over a lot of thgs. i wont be seein dis faces, anymore. not a chance, maybe. u smile back to those who smile to u, and it makes u feel good about the whole thg. 

and seein kids runnin around over places - i forget how it feels like for us, really. 

dah dlm train. aku rasa nak demam. selsema aku makin buat aku rasa nak cabut je dis hidung and simpan dlm poket. and u shld knw - aku write dis entry dlm train itself. theres a pretty gal beside me in baju kurung hijau, tudung hijau. sweet nice looking. no make up. and she jst called her mum sayin dat shes alrdy in the train, headin home. and shes fasting. nak buka puasa kat rumah. 

aku lupa hari ni Khamis, and aku shldve puasa as well.

i am goin to click 'publish' and switch off dis lappy. perhaps i shld be crashing sekejap. lmbt agi nak smpai Ipoh. 

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