Wednesday, April 23, 2014


i cant remember pkul brp aku lena smlm. all i knw was rite after aku off the lappy semlm around 1.30ish am, i straight away hit the sack.

and i had a dream last nite.

it was a really weird dream. i hardly hav one, i mind u. or perhaps i used to - but i hardly remember pun. but last nite - i can remember it vividly. isnt dat wierd, dat theres dream u rmber and some u dun?

i dreamt about the world is coming to an end. it was like happening.. i dun knw. i mean ppl r falling and die. jst like dat. and i was scared. and also theres dis group of ppl came from nowhere all around u - all the unfamiliar faces, pushed to the corner. and seeing em dead one by one. jst like dat.

these ppl they dun eat. and they dun drink. or sleep. they always smile but also the meanest. its like, smiling at u and they jst off dead like dat. in my dream - i was runnin away from it. i was on a bicycle (the rational? jst shut up and dun ask), cycling thru villages and cities and bodies were everywhere. no blood, no guns.. no nthg. i am sure i was running away from em all, at the same time i was looking for somethg i can remember. all dat i knw i was so scared, looking for sthg familiar and sthg to cling on to.

and a lot more. dat i cant remember. all i knw tiber2 je alarm aku menjerit - and it was 5.30am in the morn. i feel tired. i feel like want to sleep even more. but i jst cant.

i gez theres nthg to dis dream actually. it was like m. night shyamalan's the happening. i was very tired. feeling screwed up at brain. and even in dream - i achieved nthg and a fugitive.

 pls, let me out of dis!

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