Wednesday, April 30, 2014


its not dat i dun try to move forward, but th wall keeps me back. and as much as i love to move on, i cant help but to think of the past. and a fact dat the past is no good for a flourish soul like me, coz past is past and past is like a rope tied to ur feet and u want to soar high in the sky. but the bloody rope keeps u grounded, and u hav a choice of untie the rope.

but ur so afraid to untie the rope coz who knws u mght meet roaming in the sky, but they all like u isnt it, wanderers?

can u bring rhe rope wit y? then wat use the rope is?

jst like a fren of mine said, s'times we dun hav a choice, we tot dreams can come true but instead He up there knws better. do u destined to abide to the guide and line riddled wit fire? do u destined to be astray off wander wonder, and u dun want dat but wat else cld u do when it is predetermined, or can u at least wish - and it started wit a feelin and grew into hope.

or some ppl say, its like Hensel & Gretel pickin up bread crumbsback to where they belong to; their house. we r pickin our pieces together along the dotted line, and in a fork where there is a bread crumbs at both ways; we hav to choose. u go there, i take the other way. its if the road not taken taken, and the road u take is ppl's road not taken. who knw 'not taken' mght bring? well, cant u ask but it wont be the same, wld it? 

wanders wonder.

but i believe whichever road we take, they go to the same finishing line - like river flows no where else unless the ocean, it loyal to sea till the end of time. the road is different, but our heart stays the same.

lets live in difference, wit dat similarity.

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