Thursday, April 24, 2014

the truth is..

i hav sthg to confess. and dis mght change ur perception completely. about me. myself.

well, the truth is - i am not a good person. in a simple term for u to understand - i am a bad person. i do thgs u mght not be doin. i do a lot of bad thgs u may never think of. and thgs u never do. coz i am no good, and ur.

i am a hypocrite. i tell lies. if u read all my entries - like all of em, by seein or knowin me in the FB, Twitter, Insta or watever the hell dat is - u may think i am a good person. a nice, sweet person. the fact is - i am not. coz if u knw me, u'll hate me. u will regret knwg me - for i am not as sweet as u see me in ere. co i am no good, at all. not, at all.

i talk shyte all the time. like all the time. and ur not. i may solat like others do, and i am tryin my very best to do it as much as i can - 5 times a day w/o a miss, but dat doesnt mean i am a good person. ko solat, tp perangai mcm gampang - u may say dat. dats a hypocrite, u can say dat. for if perangai mcm gampang, baik tak pyh solat. u mght think dat way as well. and its ok. i am good in giving advices, perhaps some opinion every now and then - and u may like me for dat. pls, dun. the fact is - i am good at nthg. i am a loser. and i am good at nthg. i am good at dat for dats wat i do for life. professionally. and the fact is - all the tots, all the advices i am givin u is rubbish. stink to the max.

u mght think i am a fighter. i am strong. watever happens i'll stay tall. the fact is - i am not. i easily stumble and act like a moron. yes, a moron dat is. i tend to giv in, and giv up if i cant see any light at end of the bloody tunnel. 

and basically dats wat i am gonna do now. givin up. and walk away - like a coward.

call me watever u feel like to, and i dun giv it a fcuk, any more. seriously. coz u dun knw me. and u will never do. and even if u do, and u'll regret it - by all mean; ur welcome to back off and pretend u dun knw a thang.

so wats the different, between u and me?

u decide. by the tot of ur a lil bit superior from me - coz i am no good - doesnt mean ur any good too. and u'll go to heaven.

dats it. dats all i wanna say. keep thinking watever u wanna think off. coz i dun mind any longer. judge me if u want to. i wont lose a thang. coz i am alrdy a loser. 

for the fact is - in a way, u and me - we r the same.

and u knw wat it is.


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