Sunday, April 20, 2014

post-Saigon, pt.2

HCMC was awesome and splendid - wit a great frens, nice stdnts and special ppl arnd u. turns out all dat i need these times, a nice detox and change of pace from wat i am doin right now.

and the post vacation syndrome - which u'll see all the kain baju beg and such everywhere in ur room, sometimes u swear u still long for dat laziness od doin nthg at all, and ur longing for the hot, burnin afternoon walkin along the bz town wit frens wit sweat along ur butt crack.

tranquillity achieved. need to tell ppl about it? no. i dun think so.

darn i wish i am still there.


sigh.. aku serabut..  :-/

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