Monday, April 21, 2014

lil me. sigh.

did u see wat i see, there in the pic? i was havin my last bit of teh o ais when i suddenly saw dis creature crawling on the straw, rite to my nose, slowly. and its kind strugglin. thank God i am done wit the teh o ais. kalo tak i mght go berserk.

since i am done wit my part - i let the lil spidey do her own thang. and i jst watched. it was a lunch time - havin my early lunch time alone, givin me the privilege to jst sit for a lil while and do thgs i wanna do - when i am all alone. so - despite of i did my usual people-watching, today its spidey-watching.

it strolls up the straw, when to the tip of the gelas plastik tu - as if it has some purpose of doin so. maybe lah. or maybe it was not kot. i dun knw. i watched it for quite sometime - and the phone rang. Mr Hari needs me in the meeting room, since ada lagi benda tak kena wit all the kelayakan exam yg i've been working on ever since aku masuk keje.. 

aku aku left the lil spidey, wit the straw and the gelas plastik. i hope she's doin ok. i mean, i was wondering and i suddenly had the tot of - was ever happens to her, nobdy knws.

and i hope too - she'll jst bite me, so i'll hav the spidey power - and get lost. i'll go safe ppl. and safe the world. i'll make ppl's life happier than anythg at all. and the world a proper place to stay in.

but cld i safe myself, as well? my feeling, my soul, my life.. sigh.

darn dats too much, aye?



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