Monday, April 28, 2014

INTENGAH, again.

done wit thgs in Putrajaya, i am in here now. for the rest of coming 2 days. short training, dat is. checking in by Maghrib - it looks like nobdy in ere, at all. sunyi sepi. perhaps the rest of the others will be in by trow morn. or perhaps they r in, tp not in the room. maybe they r alrdy in bed. maybe? i dun knw. and i dun think i am gonna be out of the room, knockin on other ppls' doors asking anybdy in? kinda thang. heh.

done wit keje tadi, aku rayau2 jap kat Alamanda. bowling - its been ages. Captain America, as well. i mean - movie. its been ages. aku in and out kedai baju sukan, kasut sukan as well. i din buy a thang - tp aku puas berjalan. seriously. i think i've stumbled into few others, but thank God - i need not to break the ice like eh, apa khabar! and such. aku pakai cap, so i gez dats the way it is. they passed me by and they 'didnt see me'. rambut mls nak sikat minyak bagai, and i kept it in the easy way. pakai cap.


shall be crashing now. aku dahaga. mineral water lupa plak nak beli. nak masak air, tatau la tahun bila bley minum plak. 

its so quiet in ere. i dun feel scared, i jst feel so empty. looking back - i used to be all out when i am down in here, in town. now - no more. i am in erer, but i cant wait to leave all dis behind and be home. i dun hav the excitement left in me anymore. 



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